Joshuah Padmore: Hamilton Ballers

Joshuah Padmore, our Recharge With Milk youth basketball ambassador, is a young athlete who stands out. He embodies a natural confidence and self-possession that is unusual at his age, leaving you with the sense that he has the discipline to shape his future, regardless of whether it’s focused on sport, academics or other passions.

We first met Josh a couple of years ago when he played in the Hamilton Ballers, a free youth league started and run by Nikola Ristevski and sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Ontario through the Recharge With Milk program. He’s still quiet and focused as he was in middle-school, but since then his passion for sport has grown and diversified, seeing him add volleyball to his growing sport portfolio.

“I was eight years old when I started playing basketball, and I played at a Kiwanis centre. The first couple of times I played basketball, I actually played badly—I couldn’t shoot, couldn’t layup, couldn’t dribble—I worked with my coach and here I am. I’m still not a shooter type, but I mostly want to work on shooting and dribbling, to try and get as good as Kyrie Irving – I like Westbrook, De Rozen, and Kyrie. I’ve been practising more and more, and I’ve been getting way better.”

Photo of Joshuah Padmore, Recharge With Milk Youth Ambassador, holding a bottle of chocolate milk.

“I also play baseball and volleyball. I’m in a volleyball league right now called the Hamilton Smash and my baseball league I play down by Rosedale. Sports have been important to me because when I was younger I used to sit inside, play games, and read books. My mom introduced me to baseball, my first sport. I didn’t want to go. But once I started playing, I liked it more and more. I tried different sports and I got better at all of those sports. Sports give kids excitement and better abilities to move faster, jump higher, shoot better, and hit a ball better.”

Josh notes that one of the most important, yet often overlooked qualities that makes a player great, is respect. “What makes a good basketball player is respect for other players, respect for the coaches and the refs on the court.” The other is nutrition and thinking about what you eat.

I drink lots of milk, especially at home. I drink milk to get my bones strong so I don’t break anything while I’m playing sports, and to help me focus and grow. I mostly like chocolate milk because of the taste and how smooth it is. Nutrition should be important to everyone out there. That’s how you get nice and fit, not just sitting around on the couch watching tv, playing video games and eating a tub of ice cream.

One of the highlights of his experience as a Recharge With Milk ambassador was getting to meet program pro ambassador Danny Green of the Toronto Raptors at a community gym in Toronto. After admiring Danny’s shoes, Josh was able to speak with Danny and get a great photo.

Photo of Joshuah Padmore and Danny Green for the Recharge With Milk program.



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