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Stay Real With Milk: Ambassador Program

We all look to heroes to find the extraordinary in ourselves.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s Stay Real With Milk campaign has selected a series of professional and amateur athletes who exemplify personal strength, drive, and a commitment to finding and delivering their personal best. All of our heroes are upsetters. They are the athletes who put mind over challenge to get to the top, and fight for it every day. They are everyone who has dreamed a dream, tasted defeat, and bounced back against the odds, sometimes more than once.

Role models are important. Our ambassador roster was chosen to inspire young athletes and share the stories of athletes who didn’t rely on shortcuts, follow trends or drink the elixirs. They are the people—real people—who know that no matter what your dream, your sport, your goal, it can only come from within.

They don’t make casual choices. They think about the quality and nutritional value of the food and fuel they consume. They drink milk because it’s as real as they are.

The Stay Real With Milk ambassador program helps bring heroes to community sport across Ontario. We’ll be adding new professional and young athlete faces to the roster over the coming weeks and months, but we’re thrilled to announce our first two ambassadors…


Connor Brown | Toronto Maple Leafs 

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is proud to welcome Connor Brown of the Toronto Maple Leafs to our ambassador lineup. As the beloved Maple Leafs prepare for the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, there are a lot of eyes on the team. For Connor—a born and bred local Toronto player—the pressure is intense.

Like all athletes, this pressure is just part of the game. You want to win, but so does everybody else. Finding your focus within the adrenaline rush and staying sharp in the moment is a huge part of what helps you propel your team to a win.

When you meet Connor, you instantly sense that he is not only 100% professional, but 100% real. When asked about his advice to young players, he answers quickly and simply:

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Photo of Connor Brown, Toronto Maple Leaf player with a bottle of milk.

Alyson Reeves | Toronto Leaside Junior Wildcats 

Alyson Reeves is an amazing hockey player. Dairy Farmers of Ontario selected her as a Stay Real With Milk ambassador because—like Connor Brown—she is highly skilled, devoted to her sport and a strong, genuine person who makes real choices for her training and her future.

After seven years playing boys’ hockey, Alyson recently made the switch to girls’ junior and has dreams of playing university hockey and maybe even earning a spot on Team Canada.

Youth ambassadors are an important part of the Stay Real With Milk program because young athletes want to learn from relatable role models and mentors who can help motivate and inspire them to shoot harder, jump higher and fuel the passion and joy that sport brings. Nearly every athlete will hear great advice from their coaches and teachers, but sometimes it means as much to see that advice paying off.


I drink milk every day in the morning. Nutrition is a very big part of my game. It’s the same thing as working hard on the ice—you’ve got to eat well to be able to play well. When you do that off the ice, you get results on the ice.

Photo of Alyson Reeves, Ontario junior hockey player on the Leaside Junior Wildcats drinking chocolate milk.


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