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Summer Ball: Training Tips

The summer months leading up to the Fall push are about getting yourself game ready physically and mentally. Here are our training tips for young basketball players to prepare for the start of the season.


If you have old injuries, take this time to care for yourself and let your body do its thing and heal. Between-season downtime is your best opportunity to take care of yourself.  While many athletes use the off season to train up, pushing yourself at the expense of rest or treatment of strains, sprains, and injuries can cost you when the season starts.


Every great basketball player can claim some signature skills and moves. Every great basketball player also has weak areas they need to work on. As you prepare for the return of basketball, take some time to reflect on your whole game. Consider any evaluation and feedback from your coach alongside the skills you know you need to work on and put these at the top of your summer training list.


No matter what skills you’re working on, you’ll need to up your overall strength and power. Ask your coach for some strength and conditioning tips to help you increase your flexibility, strength,


Summer is not entirely about time off; athletes need to consider nutrition year round. When you train (and in general), choose high-nutrition, real food options like smoothie bowls, nuts, and buddha bowls, and avoid over sugary foods and drinks with empty carbohydrates.

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